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Ateljén Veloisternas Kabyss

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Ateljén Veloisternas Kabyss
Website none
Founded 2012
Dissolved uncertain?
Location Uppsala, Sweden

Founded in early 2012 and is currently located in the basement of Ungdomens hus, Svartbäcksgatan 32, Uppsala.


Ateljén Veloisternas Kabyss is an open and non-profit bike workshop where you can come and repair your bike with our tools and with our help. We also have second-hand spare parts if you need to replace something on your bike.

You will find us at Ungdomens Hus, Svartbäcksgatan 32 in Uppsala. Every Tuesday 17 - 20:30. We won't repair your bike, but we will be happy to teach you how to, for free!


Tuesdays, 17-20:30hrs.

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