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Outdoor Bicycle Racks

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An outdoor bicycle rack, also known as a commercial bike rack, is a device to which bicycles may be securely attached. It may be free standing or securely attached to the ground or some stationary object such as a building.

Dear Businesses

Outdoor Bicycle Racks not only are greatly appreciated by patron cyclists, but they show that your organization / business stands for healthy active lifestyles. Not to mention bike parking takes up much less space than car parking, leverage that small lot!

You may want to also consider signing up for the Bicycle Benefits program to reward your patrons for making sustainable choices, as well as keep them coming back.


See the manufacturer for instructions, as all racks and applications may be different. Typically racks can either be surface mounted with bolts or direct burial.


See the Bicycle Parking Guidlines from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals for information on proper placement of racks so they are most useful to cyclists.


Contact your city and tell them you are willing to purchase the rack and donate it to the city if they are willing to install it or better yet put it in the public right-of-way (that space in-between the road and the sidewalk).

Salt Lake City

Dan Bergenthal, P.E.
Salt Lake City Transportation Division


Nicole Freedman
Boston Bikes

Custom Racks

If you want something truly unique, contact some of your local metal artisans and see what custom work they can do. Some of the pre-fab manufacturers (scroll down) also will make a rack based on your design.

Bike Hauser, under the careful hand of sculptor and functional designer David Bibelhauser, works to design and fabricate custom, built to order, permanent, outdoor bicycle racks. Our company’s goal is to create a more visually pleasing alternative to traditional bike stands. As an artist, Bibelhauser recognizes that form truly is as important as function. Bike racks as well as all urban landscape furniture should look as if they were designed with surroundings in mind. It is our intention to work with our clients on a job-by-job basis, to design and implement bike parking that will best suit your city or company needs.

The Steel Yard

Custom and pre-fab urban furniture, including bike racks, made by local artists in Providence, RI.

Pre-Fabricated Racks

There are many companies out there that sell all kinds of pre-fabricated commercial bike racks, some do custom racks as well. Not all of the designs below are practical. When chosing a bike rack, remember that it is important to at least be able to lock the rear wheel and frame with a u-lock (the Sheldon Brown lock strategy should be used as a guide). Some racks are too low to allow bikes to be locked in this way, especially mountain bikes. It is also helpful to consider the points of contact of the rack to the bicycle; two or more is preferable.

Bike Security Racks Co

Bike Security Racks Co., Inc. designs manufactures and markets a complete line of indoor and outdoor bicycle racks and bike shelters. Based on more than 35 years of experience in serving the architectural and construction markets, we continually strive to create new and varied bicycle storage systems to suit expanding needs.

Creative Pipe

Creative Pipe, Inc., based in Portland, Oregon and Southern California, was founded with a mission to distribute the finest quality outdoor furniture and bicycle parking racks and lockers money can buy.

Outdoor Fun Store Co.

Outdoor Fun Store sells, installs and services the following items: Swing Sets, Wooden Play Systems, Playground Equipment, Safety Surfacing (including Rubber Mulch), Safety Mats, Ice Rink Kits, Tree Houses, Gazebos, Sheds, Basketball Hoops, Athletic Courts, Golf Accessories, Zip Line Kits, Trampolines, Wood Furniture, Park Benches, Green Houses, Park Site Amenities and most items related to outdoor fun.

Ribbon Rack

The award-winning 'Ribbon' Rack. The most innovative and unique bicycle rack ever. Graceful curves of tubular steel, sculpted to fit, and enhance, any architectural setting. The 'Ribbon' Rack. Recognized by the Industrial Designers Society of America, "for its elegance and simplicity while providing maximum functional security." And recognized by architects everywhere for its striking harmony of form and function.


Cycle-Safe® parking systems are simply the best bicycle parking products in the industry. Our solutions provide security, convenience, and long-term value. How does that value translate? We have the lowest 10-year ownership cost of any commuter bicycle storage system on the market.


Dero Bike Rack Company was established with the belief that bicycle racks should satisfy the aesthetic concerns of site planners and architects, and fulfill the function and security needs of bicyclists. All commercial grade Dero Racks are u-lock compatible and look attractive enough to be put in the front of the building where they will be used. To see some of the customers we have served please see our client list.


Huntco has the widest selection of commercial bike racks that can accommodate from one to twenty-one bikes. All of our bike racks provide safe and secure bike parking and come in a variety of configurations. Square tubing is offered as a deterrent to pipe cutters.

Bike Rack Finishes include Hot Dipped Galvanized, Powder Coat, Stainless Steel and Thermoplastic, but not all finishes are available on all products.

We easily fulfill requests for unique bike racks, whether it's one of a kind or 50 new designs.

Bike Rack Shops

Bike Rack Shops offers a wide selection of commercial bike racks and bike storage solutions. These bike racks can withstand inclement weather conditions and plenty of options are available to meet your style and price range!


These simple designs take up very little space, ensure easy use for the daily cyclist and manage the chaos of wheels and pedals. Personalize your streetscape or promote your business with custom lettering available on the MBR200.

Bike Racks are designed using either surface mount or direct burial installation options.

Innovative Designs & Manufacturing

Our mission is to produce fine quality indoor and outdoor site furnishings for public and private spaces. We are a family owned and operated manufacturing firm based in Southern California where we design and produce our products.

With an array of manufacturing options, we can employ our custom fabricating capabilities to suit the individual customer, as well as industry standard products.

For over a decade we have established a benchmark of quality, service and value. The satisfaction of the customers we serve is our main objective.

Keystone Ridge Designs

A great way to add organization and character to the exterior of any building is as simple as a bike rack. Bicyclists, pedestrians, and businesses alike will benefit from the durability, efficiency, and safety that accompany a powder-coated steel bike rack from Keystone Ridge Designs. Including this piece in a private or commercial landscape design allows for a recreational element while keeping cycling outdoors. Like all of our products, a bike rack from Keystone Ridge Designs is fully customizable to meet each individual site furnishing need.

Saris Cycling Group

We care about our products. That’s why we’re more than willing to stand behind everything we design, build and place in your stores. Fact is, I’m committed to being a part of everything we make (”Saris” is the combination of “Sara,” my wife’s name, and my name). We care about our people. They got us to where we are today, and they’ll continue to help us as we innovate and grow.

Global Industrial

This is what Sopo in Atlanta uses in their bike parking program. These are the least expensive racks we've been able to find. They need to be welded at the base when they arrive; otherwise they will break off. However, after they've been welded, they are plenty strong. Shipping rates are reasonable.

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