Front derailleurs

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Front derailers


These are the parts a front derailer has that can be lost. On the left is the screw that holds the cage together. The two similar screws limit the derailer's travel, and the one next to them holds the cable. The screw at the top holds the derailer to the frame.

Front derailers need to have all of their parts. Sometimes they break, but more often one or more small parts are missing. If the derailer has all of its parts, it's OK.


Front derailleurs are mostly very similar, and you only need to check one thing to sort them. Double or Triple?

One type of front derailleur is meant to be used on bikes with two chainrings in the front, and is called a "double" front derailleur. The other is used with bikes with three chainrings in the front, and is called a "triple". The only difference is that one side of the cage (the metal plates that push on the chain) is taller on a triple.

Here is a picture of a double next to a triple. You can see how much taller the distance in red is on a triple. This is the distance from the bottom of one side of the cage to the bottom of the other.


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